The Boyle County Public Library is operated through a joint venture between the Danville Library, Inc., and the Boyle County Library District. This contractual partnership is unique in Kentucky. It combines the strengths of two organizations to provide a level of public library service that neither organization could easily achieve on its own.


FY2023 Annual Report

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FY2022 Audit

FY2022 Annual Report

FY2022 Annual Report Snapshot


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The Danville Library, Inc.

Library service in Danville began in 1893 with a small subscription library of just 300 books. In 1920, in order to purchase property at the corner of 3rd Street and Broadway, the Danville Library Board of Trustees was formed. Today, the current Board oversees the day-to-day operations of the Library.

Lonnie Harp, President

Jessica R. Johnson, Vice President

Rita Bloom, Secretary

Rachel Beckman

Alethea Price Bruzek

Stacy Coontz

James Neyhouse

Heather Pennington

Stuart Sanders

Caroline Thomason

Jessica Wiersma

The Boyle County Library District

Under the authority granted by the state legislature in KRS 173, the citizens of Boyle County undertook a petition drive in 1971 to establish a library district with local taxing authority as a means of expanding library services for all Boyle Countians. The Library District Board oversees the taxing authority of the Library District and approves the transfer of appropriations for Library operations.

Margaret Young Levi, President

Julie Clay, Vice President

Artie Atkins, Secretary

Sam Pollom, Treasurer

Vacancy, Member At Large

The Boards of Trustees of the Boyle County Public Library meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 10:30 am at the Library.* Meetings are open to the public. Those wishing to address the Boards may request to be added to a meeting agenda by contacting the Library at least one week prior to a meeting.

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