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Using the Library

Here is useful information about how to use the library.

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Using the Library

Here is useful information about how to use the library.

Digital Library Card

If you don’t already have a library card, you can register for a digital library card for use with most of our online resources, like Hoopla and Kentucky Libraries Unbound (our online catalog).

This system is automated, so you can sign up anytime from anywhere, and can begin using your digital library card immediately.

For instant access to our e-collections (books, audiobooks, movies, tv-series, and more!) go to to register.

The digital library cards are for digital items only. Some online resources (like*) aren’t available with a digital library card, but once the Library returns to normal operations, you can visit with a photo ID to confirm your account, and receive full access and a physical library card.

*Note: Students at Danville Independent and Boyle County schools who don't have a physical library card can still use their STACK ID to access Contact us at if you have any questions.

Residents of Boyle County may receive one library card free of charge. A photo ID and proof of current address is required to receive a new or replacement card. Replacement cards cost $2.00. For your protection, report a lost or stolen card immediately. You are responsible for all items charged to your card.

Minors (ages 13 to 17) may receive a library card with parent or guardian signature. Minors can check out printed material, as well as Audio Books and Music CDs. Parents may authorize Minors to check out movies. Parents also have the option to authorize Minors to use library computers.

Children may receive a library card at age five or when entering kindergarten provided parents have cards in good standing. Children can check out printed material, as well as Audio Books and Music CDs. Parents may authorize children to check out movies located in the Children's Library (which include G Rated movies, and select PG rated family movies). Parents also have the option to authorize Minors to use library computers.

Residents of counties in our library consortium may receive one library card free of charge upon presenting a valid library card that is in good standing from their own county of residence. Replacement cards cost $2.00.

Students attending BCTC - Danville Campus, Centre College, and Kentucky School for the Deaf may receive one library card free of charge. Replacement cards cost $2.00.

Others may receive a library card upon payment of a $10 annual fee.

You may borrow three items the first time your card is used if you have provided proof of address, or three books if no proof of address is provided and your card has been mailed to you. Thereafter, the scheduled number of items (as shown on the loan and fine schedule located below) may be charged to your card.

Loan & Fine Schedule
  Books Magazines Music CDs Audio Books (PlayAways and CD-Books) DVDs & BluRays
Maximum on one card 35 (Please limit to 3 per subject or author) 6 10 10 Total, can be any combination 10
Lending Period (Days)* 28* 28* 28* 28*

14* for Movies

14* for TV Series

Fines per day per item* None* None* None* None* None*
Renewable? Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Reservable? Yes Yes No Yes No

Items that are checked out may be reserved online by visiting the My Account link at the top of the page. Items can be renewed at the My Account link, or by calling the library.

* Fines and Lending periods are currently adjusted in response to the COVID-19 situation and may be subject to further change as the situation develops. More Info.

If you have lost your library card and wish to replace it, the cost is $2.00, plus any fines on the existing card in the system.

If you are under the age of 18, you will once again need to have a parent or guardian to sign for you.

If you have moved since you had your other card, you will need to bring in proof of address (post marked mail to your current address)

Public access to meeting room spaces has resumed as of April 12, 2021 with some modifications due to COVID-19.

Masks must be worn and social distancing maintained. Parties using the rooms will be expected to spray and wipe down surfaces they have used with cleaning materials that have been made available in each space.

Available meeting rooms (reduced occupancy due to COVID-19):
  • COMMUNITY ROOM: maximum occupancy 24
  • CONFERENCE ROOM: maximum occupancy 8
  • MAHAN GALLERY (front room): maximum occupancy 4


The Library maintains meeting rooms for library and community use. If you are interested in reserving a meeting room, please call us at 859-238-7323.

Heart of Danville Community Room (maximum occupancy 106): 106 chairs, 12 6-foot tables, wireless Internet, audio system, PC laptop, ceiling-mounted screen, data projector, speakers, DVD player, portable dry-erase board, located adjacent to galley kitchen with refrigerator, sink, and microwave.

Community Room

R. R. Donnelley & Sons Co. Conference Room (maximum occupancy 49): 12 ½ foot conference table, 14 cushioned chairs, 35 additional chairs, portable screen, data projector, portable dry-erase board, wireless Internet, located adjacent to galley kitchen with refrigerator, sink, and microwave.

Conference Room

Mahan Gallery (maximum occupancy 30): 24 cushioned folding chairs, 6 additional chairs, wireless Internet, portable screen, access to 6-foot tables as needed, located adjacent to galley kitchen with small sink and microwave, may be divided into two equal-size smaller spaces by means of sliding doors.

Mahan Gallery


The Library offers notary services, which are free of charge. Library notaries are typically available during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. It is recommended that patrons seeking notary services call ahead to verify availability.

Library notary guidelines:

  • Valid photo identification is required of any patron seeking notary service. Notaries cannot pre-date or post-date an action, prepare a legal document, or give advice on legal matters, or notarize documents in which they have a personal interest. 
  • Since the notary must be able to read and understand what he or she has been asked to notarize, documents in any language other than English will not be notarized at the Library. 
  • The Library will not provide witnesses, and witnesses may not be solicited from patrons using the Library. In order to serve as a witness, the witness must personally know the person whose document is being notarized and must be in possession of valid photo identification. 
  • Notaries will not provide service if a patron, document, or circumstance of the request for notary service raise any issue of authenticity, ambiguity, doubt, or uncertainty for the library. In this event, the Library notary may, at his or her sole discretion, decline to provide notary service. 
  • Notary service is not available for deeds, titles, wills, living wills, codicils, depositions, mortgages, or other real estate closing documents.

We gladly accept volunteers depending on the need. Please see the Circulation Desk to apply.

Volunteer Guidelines

The Boyle County Public Library welcomes volunteers from the community to assist staff with day-to-day routines and procedures. Through the volunteer program, the Library hopes to provide a meaningful work experience for the volunteer that also complements the Library’s programs and services.

Please note the following when considering volunteer work at the Boyle County Public Library:

Anyone age 18 or older may apply to be a volunteer at the Library by filling out a volunteer application. [application coming soon]

Minors, age 17 or younger, may apply to be a volunteer with the written permission of their parent of guardian. Generally, the Library does not accept volunteers under the age of 14.

The Circulation Supervisor oversees the assignment of volunteer duties and works with the volunteer to find projects and activities that are of mutual interest and benefit. Volunteer hours will be scheduled at the discretion of the Library and according to the availability of the volunteer.

Volunteer tasks will vary, depending on the current activities in the Library. Examples of tasks include shelving books or AV materials, sorting paperbacks, dusting shelves, organizing magazines, and “reading” shelves (putting in exact order).

Volunteers are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner and follow standards of appropriate behavior and attire while completing their volunteer duties. In certain cases a volunteer may be asked to complete a background check (if volunteering in the Children’s Library, for example).

Please note that the Friends of the Boyle County Public Library also welcome volunteers in their programs and services. Please check the “Friends” section of the Library website for further information.

Make Tech Work for You

For adults age 18 & over, Internet Accessible computers are free to use with a Library card in good standing or a photo I.D. For minors age 17 & under, access to the Internet must be authorized in person by a parent or guardian. Subsequent use of the Internet by a minor is allowable with a Library card in good standing or a photo I.D. 

There are 17 terminals throughout the building used to access the Library’s catalog.

The Library has 37 Internet accessible public computers located on the 5th floor.

The public computers located on the 5th floor have the following software installed: Windows 10, Microsoft Office Pro 2016(including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Access), Adobe PDF reader, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome (Internet browsers).

The Children’s Library has 4 touch screen Early Literacy Systems and 3 touch screen After School Edge systems. These computers are not Internet accessible and are free to use.

The Children’s Library also has 5 Internet accessible computers; however these computers can only access library approved websites.

Internet Access and Safety Policy

The Library offers publicly available copy/print, fax, and scan services.

Copy/print and scan services are on the 5th floor at the Computer Services desk.

Fax services are available at the circulation desk in the lobby.

Printing is also available from your own device while in the Library.  Just visit the website, print.client while in the building and follow the instructions to install the print software for your Windows or Macintosh device.

This software will not stay on your computer after you leave the Library.

Black and white copies/prints - 10 cents per printed side.

Color copies/prints - 50 cents per printed side.

Receive a fax - first 10 pages per day are free, then $1 per page.

Send a fax - $1 per fax.

All scans are free

*Note to patrons: only Library provided paper may be used for copy/printing

Wi-Fi is available for free throughout the library building, and parking lot. The network is called PublicLibraryWireless and does not require a password to connect.

Boyle County Public Library map showing Wi-Fi access across the entire parking area.

Our Rules

The Boyle County Public Library has elected to institute a one-time waiver of overdue fines and other miscellaneous fees. Find out more about the fine amnesty process here.

  • Eating food in the building, except under specific Library-approved circumstances, is not permitted. 
  • Drinks brought into the building are permitted only in tightly-sealed containers. 
  • Under no circumstances are food and drink permitted in the computer areas.
  • Criteria for food and drinks in the Meeting Rooms are set forth in the Meeting Room Policy.

The Library offers access to the Internet to everyone under the provisions of this policy. All users must agree to abide by the guidelines within this policy in order to use library computers. There will be no charge for access to the Internet. Patrons will be allowed access to the Internet on a walk-in basis during the Library’s normal operating hours. Reservations for time blocks are possible. The Library may limit a user’s time when others are waiting.


  1. The following activities are prohibited:

    • Displaying or accessing inappropriate matter, as defined below.

    • Harassing, insulting, or attacking others.

    • Damaging Library equipment or property in any form or fashion.

    • Violating copyright laws.

    • Unauthorized access, including hacking and other unlawful activities

  2. The Library reserves the right to terminate a patron’s access to the Internet for violation of these regulations, or violations of the Library Patron Behavior Policy.

  3. Internet access on Library computers is subject to content and malware filtering. Sites may be unblocked in the case of false-positives at the request of the patron. Sites may also be temporarily unblocked for patrons 18 years of age or older when necessary to enable access to bona fide research or other lawful purposes.  Unblocking shall be performed only on terminals in the less public areas of the Library. Users shall not permit minors to view inappropriate matter, and shall not leave the terminal when such matter is displayed.

  4. Parents and guardians signing on behalf of users under 18 years of age are responsible for the activity of the minors they sign for. The Library is unable to monitor internet usage of such minors on Library computers. Parents and guardians agree to assume the risk and  provide guidance in and set standards for Internet use by such minors. Parents and guardians are responsible for:

    • Preventing access to inappropriate material by minors. Internet filtering software is not completely effective in blocking access to inappropriate matter, there is still a risk that inappropriate or otherwise offensive matter may be accessed. 

    • Ensuring safety and security of minors when using e-mail, chat rooms, social media, and other electronic communication.

    • Preventing unauthorized access, including hacking and other unlawful activities by minors

    • Otherwise preventing disclosure of personal identification information of minors

  5. The Library can not guarantee the confidentiality of any information stored on Library computers or transmitted on the Library network. The Library respects the privacy of all electronic communications, and makes every effort to protect such privacy. However due to limitations in technology, electronic messages and stored data are inherently insecure. Additionally, in order to maintain, repair, or develop the Library network, IT staff will have reasonable access to the information in files and messages when necessary, as governed by the normal expectations of professional conduct.


This policy shall be reviewed as necessary or at least every five (5) years.


  1. “Inappropriate matter” means visual depictions that are obscene, child pornography, or harmful to minors.

  2. “Obscene” means obscene under the following three-part test set out by the United States Supreme Court in Miller v. California, 413 U.S. 15 (1973):

    1. whether the average person, applying contemporary community standards, would find that the work (taken as a whole) appeals to the “prurient” interest;

    2. whether the work depicts sexual conduct in a patently offensive way; and

    3. whether the work (taken as a whole) lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.

  3. “Child pornography” means, as provided in 18 U.S.C. 1460, any visual depiction, including any photograph, film, video, picture, or computer or computer-generated image or picture, whether made or produced by electronic, mechanical, or other means, of sexually explicit conduct, where:

    1. the production of such visual depiction involves the use of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct;

    2. such visual depiction is, or appears to be, of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct;

    3. such visual depiction has been created, adapted, or modified to appear that an identifiable minor is engaging in sexually explicit conduct; or

    4. such visual depiction is advertised, promoted, presented, described, or distributed in such a manner that conveys the impression that the material is or contains a visual depiction of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct.

  4. “Harmful to minors” means, as provided in the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), any picture, image, graphic image file, or other visual depiction that:

    1. taken as a whole and with respect to minors, appeals to a prurient interest in nudity, sex, or excretion;

    2. depicts, describes, or represents, in a patently offensive way with respect to what is suitable for minors, an actual or simulated sexual act or sexual contact, actual or simulated normal or perverted sexual acts, or a lewd exhibition of the genitals; and

    3. taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value as to minors.

As a public institution, the Boyle County Public Library is dedicated to free expression and free access to information and ideas on all points of view concerning the problems and issues of interest to the residents of Boyle County. To this end, the Library maintains meeting rooms for library and community use. The following policy outlines general guidelines governing meeting room usage:

The following meeting rooms are available for reservation by the public:

  • Heart of Danville Community Room (maximum occupancy 106)

  • R. R. Donnelley & Sons Co. Conference Room (maximum occupancy 49)

  • Mahan Gallery (maximum occupancy 30)

  • Mahan Meeting Room (maximum occupancy 15):

Numbers of attendees shall not exceed the posted maximum occupancy of the room.

  1. Meeting rooms shall be made available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting use.  

  2. Use of the Library meeting rooms by a group or individual does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the group’s policies or beliefs by the Library, its Board of Trustees or staff.  All publicity shall carry the name of the organization sponsoring the Program. Except as a designation of location, the name of the Library may not be used in any publicity. The Library shall not be identified or implied as a sponsor without the specific written consent of the Board, the Library Director or the Assistant Director.

  3. The Library’s meeting rooms are primarily intended for the Library’s use and for programs sponsored or co-sponsored by the Library.  Use of the meeting rooms by the Library takes precedence over all outside requests.

  4. The Library reserves the right to cancel meetings for operational reasons or if an emergency exists. Groups must notify the Library of a cancellation of a meeting at the earliest possible date.

  5. There is no fee for the use of the meeting rooms. However, the following charges may apply:  (a) A $25 deposit shall be required if food or drink is to be served by the individual or group reserving the room. The deposit will be refunded if the room is left clean and in order. (b) The reserving group is responsible for setting up and putting away all equipment used. However, with prior approval of the Library, reserving groups may pay a $15 fee for set-up of the room. (c) At the Library’s option, after hours meetings may be permitted for an additional fee of $25 per hour.  

  6. Food may be served in the Community Room, the Mahan Gallery, and the Mahan Meeting Room if the request is made at the time the reservation is taken. Only light refreshments may be served in the Donnelley Conference Room. The individual or group reserving the room is responsible for transport, set-up, and clean-up of all food. The Library does not provide utensils, paper supplies, or dishware of any sort for food service. Alcohol is not permitted in the Library.

  7. Meeting rooms are available during posted library hours. Meeting rooms must be vacated fifteen minutes prior to closing time unless prior arrangement has been made as stated in 5(c) above. 

  8. Patrons must fill out a reservation request form each time a room is reserved. Completed and signed forms must be received in order to confirm a room reservation. Reservations must be made at least 24 hours prior to the meeting but not more than six months in advance. At the Library’s option, usage of meeting rooms may be granted with less than 24-hours’ notice.

  9. Because of heavy usage of the meeting rooms, and in order to ensure room availability to meet this demand on an equitable basis, no organization may schedule the use of the meeting room for more than 30 hours per year including meetings canceled or rescheduled by the organization. 

  10. Individuals booking the meeting room must be at least 18 years of age.  At each meeting, at least one adult (aged 18 or older) will be present who is responsible for the participants’ conduct. 

  11. The use of open flames or candles in the meeting rooms is prohibited.

  12. The following uses of Library meeting rooms are not permitted: 

  • Groups charging admission or soliciting donations. Non-profit organizations or educational institutions, or individuals offering classes or seminars may be permitted to charge a fee with prior approval.

  • Social functions (such as showers, birthdays, etc.) or recitals unless sponsored by the Library.

  • Activities likely to disrupt regular Library operations. 

  • The promotion of illegal activities. Meetings and individuals must conform to local laws or ordinances. 

  1. No conduct disturbing regular library use or infringing on any library rules is permitted. The individual who signs the meeting room request is responsible for the supervision of the group.

  2. All groups are expected to leave the room clean and as they found it. Notwithstanding the damage deposit, groups shall be responsible for all damage. If damage occurs or if there is evidence of misuse or abuse, then charges may be assessed and the Library may assert legal remedies, and future use of the meeting rooms may be denied. Any group using a meeting room shall indemnify and hold harmless the Boyle County Public Library, its Trustees and staff, from and against any and all claims whatsoever arising out of the group’s acts or use of a meeting room.  Abuse of meeting room or failure to adhere to Library policies may result in loss of meeting room privileges.

In order to provide an atmosphere that is comfortable, convenient, and conducive to the appropriate use of library services and facilities, the Board of Trustees of the Boyle County Public Library has adopted the following policy regarding behavior while on Library property.

The following actions are not permitted:

1. Any act or conduct which violates Federal, State, or local laws, ordinances or regulations, or which violates Library policies.

2. Engaging in conduct or conversation which threatens, disturbs, or provokes the disruption of normal library operations or a library patron’s legitimate activities. 

3. Smoking, chewing tobacco, electronic and other alternative nicotine products, or any other usage of tobacco products in the building, Reading Garden, rotunda entryway, or outdoor fountain area.

4. Possession or consumption of alcohol or any illegal substances.

5. Selling of services or items, unless approved by the Library, or soliciting for services, money, or items.

6. Posting or distributing printed materials that have not been approved by the Library.

7. Bringing into the building animals, other than those designated as service animals.

8. Not wearing in the building shoes or shirts, or wearing clothing that provokes disruption of normal library operations.

9. Sleeping or loitering.

10. Extremely poor hygiene which disturbs or interferes with Library patrons’ or staff use of Library facilities.

11. Damaging, destroying, or stealing any Library property or the property of Library employees or Library visitors.

12. Adults using computers in the children’s area or lingering in the children’s area unless accompanying children.

13. Misuse of restrooms, water fountains, or outdoor fountains (including but not limited to bathing, shampooing, shaving, or laundering.)

14. Lack of supervision of a minor by a parent, legal guardian, or designated caregiver. Child safety guidelines are posted in the Children’s Library. Final responsibility for the actions of a minor rests with the parent or legal guardian. 

15. Eating food in the building except under specific Library-approved circumstances.  Drinks brought into the building are permitted only in tightly-sealed containers.  Under no circumstances are food and drink permitted in the computer areas. Criteria for food and drinks in the Meeting Rooms are set forth in the Meeting Room Policy.

16. Using electronic devices in any way that disturbs, disrupts, or hinders Library operations or any Library patron’s legitimate activities. Usage of Library computers requires acceptance of and adherence to the Library’s acceptable computer usage policy.


Failure to comply with the Library’s patron behavior policy may result in exclusion from the Library for a period of a minimum of one day. Serious offenses, including theft, destruction of property, and physical violence or the threat of physical violence will result in the involvement of law enforcement and appropriate legal action.

General Provisions and Usage Rules

The Boyle County Public Library welcomes the comments, posts, and messages of the community and recognizes and respects differences in opinion. However, all comments, posts, and messages will be periodically reviewed and the BCPL reserves the right to, but is not required to, remove any comment, post, or message that it deems inappropriate or off-topic.

BCPL is not responsible for or liable for any content posted by any participant in a Library social media forum who is not a member of the Library’s staff.

Users should have no expectation of privacy in postings on Library sponsored social media sites; by using such sites, you consent to the Library’s right to access, monitor, and read any postings on those sites. Users must understand that social media is permanent, retrievable, and public. Messages can potentially be read by anyone once posted. The Library recommends that users do not post their personal information or contact information on social media sites.

The Library reserves the right to reproduce comments, posts and messages in other public venues; such reproduction may be edited for space or content while retaining the original intent of the post.

  1. User feedback posted on a Library social networking site is welcomed. Such postings will be monitored regularly by Library staff for content and relevancy. Any postings containing inappropriate or inflammatory content will be removed. Examples of inappropriate content include:
  • Comments containing hate language, vulgar, obscene, or libelous language
  • Personal attacks, insults or threatening, or defamatory language
  • Sexual content or links to sexual content
  • Attacks on any ethnic, racial, economic, or religious groups
  • Content that reveals private, personal information without permission (doxing)
  • Conduct or encouragement of illegal activity
  • Plagiarized material
  • Commercial advertisements, comments, endorsements, or links not related to the discussion or spam
  • Off topic comments
  • Political advertisements or endorsements
  • Duplicated posts from the same individual
  • Copyright violations


  1. Content that is positive or negative and in context to the conversation will not be removed by the Library staff, whether the content is favorable or unfavorable to BCPL.
  2. BCPL assumes no liability regarding any event or interaction which may arise out of posted content.


  1. Users should be aware that third party websites have their own policies, including privacy policies, and should proceed accordingly.


  1. Any post, comment, etc. that expresses a threat to the safety of oneself or others will be reported to the appropriate authorities.


Full Policy

The Boyle County Public Library (BCPL) aims to provide a friendly and open place for everyone, in person and online. In your time interacting with us, you are certain to find many people with different experiences and beliefs than yours. We ask that you respect everyone you encounter and always consider the impact of your actions on others. Thank you for participating in our programs! 


Behavior Expectations during Virtual Programming


These expectations serve to ensure BCPL virtual programming channels (including, but not limited to Discord and Minecraft) have a positive, supportive, and friendly culture. 


  1. Discussions during programming conducted in online spaces should always maintain a tone of respect and civility.  
  2. No Memes.
  3. BCPL Programming holds a zero-tolerance policy regarding discrimination, harassment, or terroristic threatening. Bullying, discrimination, or harassment of any user or group (either in clear or coded language, or through links or images) is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. 
  4. To promote a welcoming environment for everyone, we ask that you refrain from engaging in conduct or conversation which threatens, disturbs, or provokes the disruption of normal library operations or a library patron’s legitimate activities, including but not limited to:  
    1. Personal attacks or name-calling 
    2. Passing judgment (be it on issues ranging from gameplay to lifestyles) 
    3. Inflammatory or abusive language (e.g. communication with the intent of provoking others) 
    4. Posting sexually explicit or extremely violent content 
    5. Distribution of someone's personal information (including, but not limited to: address, birthdate, or place of employment). 
    6. Engaging in or encouraging illegal activities (including, but not limited to: piracy, phishing, fraud). 
    7. Trolling, overt or passive aggression, spam 
    8. Abuse of the Report function 


Failure to comply with this policy, including any arrangements which are put in place under it, may lead to disciplinary action being taken, including, but not limited to bans from gameplay or periods of time where a player is muted. You may appeal a disciplinary measure in writing to the Director of the library, either through a letter mailed to 307 West Broadway, Danville, KY 40422, or via email at


Thank you for participating in our programs!