Patron Behavior Policy

In order to provide an atmosphere that is comfortable, convenient, and conducive to the appropriate use of library services and facilities, the Board of Trustees of the Boyle County Public Library has adopted the following policy regarding behavior while on Library property.

The following actions are not permitted:

1. Any act or conduct which violates Federal, State, or local laws, ordinances or regulations, or which violates Library policies.

2. Engaging in conduct or conversation which threatens, disturbs, or provokes the disruption of normal library operations or a library patron’s legitimate activities. 

3. Smoking, chewing tobacco, electronic and other alternative nicotine products, or any other usage of tobacco products in the building, Reading Garden, rotunda entryway, or outdoor fountain area.

4. Possession or consumption of alcohol or any illegal substances.

5. Selling of services or items, unless approved by the Library, or soliciting for services, money, or items.

6. Posting or distributing printed materials that have not been approved by the Library.

7. Bringing into the building animals, other than those designated as service animals.

8. Not wearing in the building shoes or shirts, or wearing clothing that provokes disruption of normal library operations.

9. Sleeping or loitering.

10. Extremely poor hygiene which disturbs or interferes with Library patrons’ or staff use of Library facilities.

11. Damaging, destroying, or stealing any Library property or the property of Library employees or Library visitors.

12. Adults using computers in the children’s area or lingering in the children’s area unless accompanying children.

13. Misuse of restrooms, water fountains, or outdoor fountains (including but not limited to bathing, shampooing, shaving, or laundering.)

14. Lack of supervision of a minor by a parent, legal guardian, or designated caregiver. Child safety guidelines are posted in the Children’s Library. Final responsibility for the actions of a minor rests with the parent or legal guardian. 

15. Eating food in the building except under specific Library-approved circumstances.  Drinks brought into the building are permitted only in tightly-sealed containers.  Under no circumstances are food and drink permitted in the computer areas. Criteria for food and drinks in the Meeting Rooms are set forth in the Meeting Room Policy.

16. Using electronic devices in any way that disturbs, disrupts, or hinders Library operations or any Library patron’s legitimate activities. Usage of Library computers requires acceptance of and adherence to the Library’s acceptable computer usage policy.


Failure to comply with the Library’s patron behavior policy may result in exclusion from the Library for a period of a minimum of one day. Serious offenses, including theft, destruction of property, and physical violence or the threat of physical violence will result in the involvement of law enforcement and appropriate legal action.

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