Meeting Room Policy

As a public institution, the Boyle County Public Library is dedicated to free expression and free access to information and ideas on all points of view concerning the problems and issues of interest to the residents of Boyle County. To this end, the Library maintains meeting rooms for library and community use. The following policy outlines general guidelines governing meeting room usage:

The following meeting rooms are available for reservation by the public:

  • Heart of Danville Community Room (maximum occupancy 106)

  • R. R. Donnelley & Sons Co. Conference Room (maximum occupancy 49)

  • Mahan Gallery (maximum occupancy 30)

  • Mahan Meeting Room (maximum occupancy 15):

Numbers of attendees shall not exceed the posted maximum occupancy of the room.

  1. Meeting rooms shall be made available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting use.  

  2. Use of the Library meeting rooms by a group or individual does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the group’s policies or beliefs by the Library, its Board of Trustees or staff.  All publicity shall carry the name of the organization sponsoring the Program. Except as a designation of location, the name of the Library may not be used in any publicity. The Library shall not be identified or implied as a sponsor without the specific written consent of the Board, the Library Director or the Assistant Director.

  3. The Library’s meeting rooms are primarily intended for the Library’s use and for programs sponsored or co-sponsored by the Library.  Use of the meeting rooms by the Library takes precedence over all outside requests.

  4. The Library reserves the right to cancel meetings for operational reasons or if an emergency exists. Groups must notify the Library of a cancellation of a meeting at the earliest possible date.

  5. There is no fee for the use of the meeting rooms. However, the following charges may apply:  (a) A $25 deposit shall be required if food or drink is to be served by the individual or group reserving the room. The deposit will be refunded if the room is left clean and in order. (b) The reserving group is responsible for setting up and putting away all equipment used. However, with prior approval of the Library, reserving groups may pay a $15 fee for set-up of the room. (c) At the Library’s option, after hours meetings may be permitted for an additional fee of $25 per hour.  

  6. Food may be served in the Community Room, the Mahan Gallery, and the Mahan Meeting Room if the request is made at the time the reservation is taken. Only light refreshments may be served in the Donnelley Conference Room. The individual or group reserving the room is responsible for transport, set-up, and clean-up of all food. The Library does not provide utensils, paper supplies, or dishware of any sort for food service. Alcohol is not permitted in the Library.

  7. Meeting rooms are available during posted library hours. Meeting rooms must be vacated fifteen minutes prior to closing time unless prior arrangement has been made as stated in 5(c) above. 

  8. Patrons must fill out a reservation request form each time a room is reserved. Completed and signed forms must be received in order to confirm a room reservation. Reservations must be made at least 24 hours prior to the meeting but not more than six months in advance. At the Library’s option, usage of meeting rooms may be granted with less than 24-hours’ notice.

  9. Because of heavy usage of the meeting rooms, and in order to ensure room availability to meet this demand on an equitable basis, no organization may schedule the use of the meeting room for more than 30 hours per year including meetings canceled or rescheduled by the organization. 

  10. Individuals booking the meeting room must be at least 18 years of age.  At each meeting, at least one adult (aged 18 or older) will be present who is responsible for the participants’ conduct. 

  11. The use of open flames or candles in the meeting rooms is prohibited.

  12. The following uses of Library meeting rooms are not permitted: 

  • Groups charging admission or soliciting donations. Non-profit organizations or educational institutions, or individuals offering classes or seminars may be permitted to charge a fee with prior approval.

  • Social functions (such as showers, birthdays, etc.) or recitals unless sponsored by the Library.

  • Activities likely to disrupt regular Library operations. 

  • The promotion of illegal activities. Meetings and individuals must conform to local laws or ordinances. 

  1. No conduct disturbing regular library use or infringing on any library rules is permitted. The individual who signs the meeting room request is responsible for the supervision of the group.

  2. All groups are expected to leave the room clean and as they found it. Notwithstanding the damage deposit, groups shall be responsible for all damage. If damage occurs or if there is evidence of misuse or abuse, then charges may be assessed and the Library may assert legal remedies, and future use of the meeting rooms may be denied. Any group using a meeting room shall indemnify and hold harmless the Boyle County Public Library, its Trustees and staff, from and against any and all claims whatsoever arising out of the group’s acts or use of a meeting room.  Abuse of meeting room or failure to adhere to Library policies may result in loss of meeting room privileges.

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