Science in Play 2Go - The Boyle County Public Library

Science in Play 2Go

Science is coming! Science is coming!  Science in Play 2Go (SIP2GO) from the Kentucky Science Center is coming to the Boyle County Public Library on September 6, 2018!!

As an educator, you are invited to “reserve” some time for your class to attend the SIP2GO exhibit from Sept. 17-Nov. 27 by clicking here:  The 90-minute spots will go quickly. The Library is open to the public throughout the day but your reservation will ensure that another large group won’t be scheduled to arrive during your time slot.

Designed by Kentucky Science Center specifically for ages 8 and under and fully accessible, Science in Play2Go combines curiosity and critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving, with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

  • SIP2GO empowers children and families to learn together by using fun, hands-on activities and by encouraging the simple principle of “playing.”
  • On display at the Boyle County Public Library in Danville, the exhibit is completely FREE to the community, including schools and community groups in and around the county.

SIP2GO includes the following popular elements:

Build Your World: playing with large blocks sharpens planning and design skills and encourages young children to imagine blocks as representations of real-world objects

Build Your Own Roller Coaster: an exploration in physics and engineering, roller coaster sections and parts can be manipulated in countless designs and configurations, promoting problem-solving and critical thinking skills as well as encouraging social skills such as teamwork and collaboration, communication and empathy

The Science Depot: a fully integrated program encouraging exploration, experimentation, and family interaction with hands-on applications of real science tools for young children

Shapes and Stuff Store: encourages inventiveness and flexibility as children explore shape attributes such as color, texture, and geometric and numerical skill-building. Shopping for shapes invites a variety of play and learning behaviors that strengthen mathematics and computational thinking skills.

Ball Fall: explores cause and effect, patterns and prediction, and invites problem-solving and collaboration skills

Light Bright: lighted colored pegs invite planning and predicting skills while designing and developing patterns and shapes


SIP2GO helps children become confident, capable learners – first in school then for life – so please reserve a field trip spot at and then share this email with your colleagues.